Eminent Domain

At Edwards Kirby, our property rights group – led by Charles “Chuck” Lollar, Sr. – represents private property owners in eminent domain and property rights litigation. Our goal is to make property owners whole through the eminent domain process, recovering all compensation constitutionally guaranteed. We have a passion for private property rights and never represent condemning agencies or the government, thereby avoiding any conflicts that could arise.

The eminent domain process is complex, and battling the state or federal government can be daunting. The government will have a team of attorneys on its side. Property owners should have the same legal protection. Edwards Kirby helps ensure property owners understand the legal process, their rights under eminent domain law and that they must assert those rights to obtain fair compensation. With experience, knowledge and skill, our firm is equipped to challenge the government on your behalf to obtain maximum compensation for any damages resulting from an eminent domain taking.

We will review your particular situation and answer questions such as:

  • How much of my property is being taken?
  • How will the taking and project affect my remaining property?
  • If I don’t agree with the condemning authorities’ offer, do I have to sell?
  • Can I stop the condemnor from taking my property?
  • Who determines the amount of fair compensation I receive?
  • What can I do now to protect my rights and help ensure that I receive fair compensation?
  • Will the taking affect my mortgage?
  • Will the taking affect my taxes?
  • If the taking will affect my business, am I entitled to any compensation for damages?
  • How will I be compensated for relocation costs if I have to move?

Backed by 40 years of expertise, Edwards Kirby’s property rights practice is an invaluable advocate for landowners seeking just compensation.

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