At Edwards Kirby, we understand every individual has the right to live and work free from discrimination. Civil rights laws protect employees from being subjected to discrimination in the workplace because of their race, age, disability, taking of protected leave for medical reasons or to care for a family member under the Family and Medical Leave Act, national origin, gender, family responsibilities, sexual orientation, and religion. Unfortunately, prejudice and discrimination are still all too prevalent in America, and the victims experience deep, sincere and undeserved pain as a result.


If you have been the victim of unlawful discrimination, our lawyers can help. Some common examples of such discrimination include discriminatory treatment:

  • Before employment begins, such as discriminatory hiring practices.
  • During employment, such as discrimination in compensation, promotions, or other terms and conditions of employment.
  • Resulting from the taking of protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act or comparable state and local laws.
  • Leading to the end of employment, such as constructive discharge or wrongful termination.


We also represent employees who face retaliation by their employers after complaining about discrimination and harassment at work.


In modern America, no one should experience discrimination. If you do, you should not stand for it. We have the experience and passion to stand up for your fundamental right to be treated equally and fairly. If you think you might have a legal claim for discrimination, please contact us or fill out the form below for a free case evaluation.

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