The attorneys at Edwards Kirby have an unmatched record of achievement in medical malpractice litigation, representing individuals, parents, and the surviving families of the victims of medical negligence throughout North Carolina and beyond. Our lawyers have been recognized as among the best possible allies for the individual entitled to compensation from a medical practice, health care corporation or hospital.

Our medical malpractice lawyers have an outstanding track record in cases involving:

  • Birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy and kernicterus
  • Surgical errors and anesthesia accidents
  • Errors in diagnosis leading to heart attack, stroke or metastasis of cancer
  • Hospital negligence
  • Untreated heart attacks


The attorneys at Edwards Kirby have tremendous respect for health care professionals in every specialty. An unfortunate outcome does not necessarily mean medical malpractice has occurred. We work closely with expert physicians and surgeons to make these determinations objectively.

Our medical negligence expertise has helped many families in the aftermath of serious medical errors. We welcome the opportunity to help your family as well.

Whether your case involves birth injuries caused in the delivery room, botched surgery or a missed diagnosis, the medical malpractice lawyers at Edwards Kirby can advise and represent you.

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