Severe burns from fire, electrocution or explosions are among the most painful injuries the human body can suffer. Less widely known is the continuing pain, difficulty, and hard work involved in recovering from severe burns.


Edwards Kirby is committed to helping burn victims and their families with the long and painful recovery process, and to providing for victims’ comfort and emotional welfare in the fullest possible measure.


We have handled many cases involving:

  • Electrocutions, both on the job and away from work
  • Defective or missing smoke detectors
  • Operating room fires
  • Vehicle fires and fuel fed fires following a crash


After initial treatments, with survival often in doubt, victims may undergo a long sequence of hospitalizations, skin grafts, surgeries and recoveries, which can take years. The psychological effects of the pain, social isolation and disfigurement can be especially debilitating. For children seriously injured in fires or burned in other ways, the situation can be even worse – the sequence of surgeries can last as long as 20 years.


The burn injury attorneys at Edwards Kirby understand that recovering from serious burns is a process that will require extraordinary financial resources to cover the treatments, nursing care, rehabilitation and repeated surgeries. Our lawyers are here to be their advocates.

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