In 1999, Edwards Kirby partner David Kirby won the largest workplace violence jury verdict in U.S. history, involving an employee whose homicidal threats were ignored by management until he killed three workers and wounded another in Asheville, N.C.


Edwards Kirby has represented many personal injury and wrongful death clients whose injuries and losses could have been avoided if basic precautions had been taken by an employer or property owner.  Assaults occur in hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, nursing homes, on the job and a host of other areas.


Other negligent security cases we’ve successfully handled include:

  • A nursing home attendant, hired despite a conviction for felony child abuse, who brutally beat an elderly Alzheimer’s patient
  • A hospital social worker who was raped and murdered by a laundry worker who had previously assaulted two fellow workers
  • The rape of a convenience store clerk forced to work alone at night in an area known for violent crime
  • The kidnapping and sexual assault of a female employee at her workplace


The lawyers handling negligent security at Edwards Kirby are experts at analyzing and presenting facts in cases of violent crime involving:

  • Negligent criminal background checks, employee discipline, or personnel policies
  • Malfunctioning security cameras
  • Inadequate lighting in areas such as parking garages, shopping mall parking lots, or recreation areas
  • Poor training and supervision of security employees

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