Many serious accidents involving blunt force, falls, or high-speed collisions result in spine trauma. Injuries to the spinal cord caused by compression or fractures of the vertebrae often result in paralysis. Prompt and effective treatment is absolutely essential to lessen the risk of further damage to the spinal cord and the resulting loss of sensation and motion in the limbs.


Edwards Kirby spinal cord trauma attorneys are skilled in establishing proof of liability and damages in cases involving:


  • Motor vehicle accidents, including truck accidents
  • Falls from heights at work or in structurally unsound buildings
  • Misdiagnosis or failure to treat infections and illnesses that attack the central nervous system
  • Gunshot wounds in places subject to security or surveillance services
  • Swimming and diving accidents


Our attorneys, along with our clients’ treating physicians and our forensic medical experts, make sure that the opinions we present concerning physical injury, prognosis, and future treatment requirements are based on scientific facts, enabling us to precisely define what the damages might be over time. We also present qualitative and quantitative evidence assessing pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and rehabilitative therapy needs.

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