Edwards Kirby attorneys are highly skilled at representing the surviving families of persons killed in truck accidents, workplace accidents, or by medical negligence. Despite our long and successful history in the litigation of wrongful deaths, every new case is humbling and inspiring.  No amount of money can fully compensate a grieving family for the loss of a parent or child. Our clients count on our experience, expertise and determination to see them through difficult times.


The success of Edwards Kirby attorneys in achieving record-setting verdicts owes much to the courage we see in our clients as they struggle with the reality of a tragic loss. For them, nothing less than our full commitment and best possible efforts is acceptable.


Whether your loss occurred on an operating table, a factory floor, at the workplace or on the highway, our wrongful death lawyers will explore every avenue of recovery. Our attorneys, supported by industry-leading experts, make a complete and accurate presentation of what it means for your family to continue without your loved one in terms of grief, lost companionship, lost protection and care, and the loss of material support.

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