Vehicle Accidents


At Edwards Kirby, we have extensive experience in working with the victims of serious trucking, bus and car accidents.

We’ve been honored to have represented the families of judges, firefighters and law enforcement officers when they have been injured or killed in serious accidents.  We’re honored both because of their service to our communities and because judges, police officers and first responders are well situated to know the best lawyers to contact when an accident has taken a loved one from them.

While we have handled cases involving many accidents caused by poor driving, drunken drivers and distracted drivers, Edwards Kirby handles many cases in which the causes of the accident are more complicated.

The cases we’ve handled include:

  • Defective highway construction:  $6.65 million settlement in the deaths of three family members in a wreck caused by a defectively built portion of the highway.
  • Defective tires or valves:  $6.7 million settlement in the deaths of two people killed when their tire exploded.
  • Other problems, including defective brakes ($5.35 million settlement); vehicle fires (confidential eight-figure settlement) and negligent hiring of the driver ($8.3 million verdict).

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