Our attorneys have a track record of success in a wide variety of cases, including trucking accidents, medical malpractice, electrocutions and workplace violence.  Here are some of our results:

$30.9 Million Settlement – Pool Injury

This settlement followed a $25 million verdict for 5-year-old girl who lost most of her intestines when she was trapped on a defective pool drain at neighborhood pool.

$23.3 Million Verdict – Brain Injuries Suffered at Birth

This win for a child who suffered brain injuries at birth, including cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia, set a record as the largest medical malpractice verdict in North Carolina history.

$13 Million Settlement – Malpractice

Settlement during trial for infant permanently injured when EMS failed to adjust an oxygen tube that clearly dislodged, causing brain damage.

$10.75 Million Settlement – Truck Wreck

Death of two children and a brain injury to a third as a result of an accident caused by a truck.

$10 Million Settlement – Birth Injury

Child suffers birth injury after delayed C-section.

$8.3 Million Verdict – Bus Crash

Two boys killed in a bus crash.

$8.1 Million Settlement – Construction

Death of father of three in construction accident.

$8 Million Settlement – Malpractice

Child loses his legs because of malpractice.

$7.9 Million Verdict – Workplace Violence

Two people were killed when an armed, disgruntled worker returned to the jobsite.  The case set a national record for a verdict in a workplace violence case.

$6.65 Million Settlement – Defective Highway

Settlement involving the deaths of three family members killed on Christmas Day following a wreck caused by a defectively built portion of the highway.

$6.5 Million Verdict – Trucking Case

A minister and his wife killed in a trucking accident.

$6 Million Settlement – Recreation Injury

Child suffers paralysis from an injury at a recreation center.

$5.35 Million Settlement – Death of Law Enforcement Officer

Law enforcement officer killed in tractor-trailer wreck.

$5 Million Verdict – Child Killed as Father Looks On

The jury awarded $3.5 million for wrongful death of a child and $1.5 million for emotional distress of his father after an 11-year-old boy was killed by an elderly driver as father looks on.

$4.7 Million Settlement – Fraternity Hazing Death

Death of a college student during “hell week” hazing, which led to national fraternity safety improvements.

$4.6 Million Settlement – Child Killed

Death of 3-year-old, and injuries to mother and father, from tractor-trailer crash.

$4.6 Million Verdict – Brain Injury

A wrecker returning from a repossession strikes a woman, causing a brain injury.

$4.5 Million Settlement – Business

Unfair trade practices involving a stolen business.

$4.0 Million Settlement – Paralysis

Truck driver drops delivery load on customer, leaving him paralyzed.

$3.75 Million Settlement – Injured Driver

A man is injured when struck by a truck that ran a red light.

$3.3 Million Settlement – Malpractice

Laborer left comatose following hospital malpractice.

$2.9 Million Settlement – Construction Injury

Construction worker injured when he fell through an unguarded hole.

$2.5 Million Settlement – Group Home

A man with a brain injury dies after being allowed to wander away from group home.

These results cannot be used to predict results in future cases.  All cases are different and must be judged on their own facts.